June/July 2013 Edition

The latest issue of the Challenger Newspaper (Volume 3, Issue 3) covers two months, and still delivers you the same indispensable news and views you’ve come to expect each and every month!  Read the terrible and tragic story of Shiner Bock, a local German Shepherd shot to death by Austin Police, as reported by Shiner’s owner himself, Julian Reyes (aka Lizard King). As always, your kind contribution to support this paper keeps our mission alive. Thank you!

APD Officer near ARCH on E. 7th

An APD Officer observed enforcing the ‘no sit/no lie’ ordinance near E. 7th St. (See Sit/Lie, page 13)


Shiner’s Story ….. 1
By Lizard King

The Little Lord ….. 1
By John Curran

Justice For Meals ….. 3
By Preston’s Mom

Stacy’s Mission ….. 3
By Stacy Golden

Explosion ….. 4
By Snap

Top 10 ….. 4
By Darel Smith

Gone Home ….. 5

Testimony of Joshua ….. 6
By Joshua Granado

Single Women’s Shelter ….. 7
By Brenda S.

ART ….. 7
By Dean Wachowicz

Blond or Brunette? ….. 8
By Brenda S.

Tire-ortory ….. 8
By Fred Pettit

Hassle the Homeless ….. 8
By Jeff Tydeman

Form ….. 10
By Dr. Lee

ART Colored ….. 11
By Anonymous

Distributor Locations ….. 12

Smoke & Mirrors ….. 12
By John Curran

A Long Way From Home ….. 13
By Timothy Warfield

Services In Our City ….. 13
By Glen B.

Sit/Lie ….. 13
By Peaches

Why? ….. 14
By Fred Pettit

Time Lost ….. 14
By Jackie Stafford

Resources and Services ….. 15

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