Shiner’s Story

by Julian Reyes (Lizard King)

Shiner Bock and Lizard King

Shiner Bock, German Shepherd, executed by APD Wednesday, April 24th at midnight

I go by Lizard King. I live with my dog, Shiner Bock, and have been with him for 9 years, since Valentine’s Day 2004. We are free, we travel, hike and yoga the greenbelt and work on gardens. We are Free Spirits of this Earth.

On Wednesday night, April 24th 2013, before midnight on a Full Moon, my dog, Shiner Bock, and I were working on projects at our South Austin storage unit, getting ready for the Big Eeyore’s Festival and After Party art show. Everything was peaceful and we were unaware of anything else. Just a man and his dog, companion, living free. Around midnight Shiner started growling, and I told him to relax, but he knew there was a man dressed in black creeping up on us from the gate, with a loaded gun. So he went out barking, to protect me, and I was seconds behind him. I came out to greet whoever was there and get Shiner. Suddenly I encountered a man with a gun shooting and tracking my lifelong friend. Officers yelled at me to get on the ground. I definitely felt that whatever had just happened to my favorite friend was about to happen to me. They were going to shock or shoot and kill me also. There was no time to ask or react to the carnage I had witnessed, in front of my eyes, in slow motion. I was in total disbelief, what the hell kind of full moon is this? “What’s going on, what did you do to my dog?”

I was questioned, the officers didn’t want to talk to me and let me know why they were there and why my dog got shot. Nor would they answer questions from the onsite resident property manager. Later they told me that they were scared. Scared when they were creeping, without warrant, trespassing on private property. As I watched my dog bleed to death, finally I was uncuffed and told that they were investigating a noise next door, possibly a piece of sheet metal flapping in the wind, and that the officer has a right to shoot your dog if he is scared. They repeated that statement from different police officers. But I still didn’t know why they shot MY DOG, and why they felt that they could come way onto private property and inflict death upon my family without due process of Law.

They told me I was free to leave, I humbly but defiantly, said “I rent here, you guys are free to leave.”

The Policies of Austin Police and local law enforcement agencies which target our children and our loved ones with a shoot to kill mentality are wrong. We cannot live free if we have a standing army against us. Let’s change this now, before it’s you or your loved one that is gunned down, without due process of law.

Shiner Bock, German Shepherd shot and killed by Austin PoliceI am trying to get more support for this cause, for freedom, liberty, and justice for all of you too. I don’t want you or your loved ones to get killed on accident. Please help spread the word and the page

Peace and Love and Namaste to all of you good people. We are all angels in comparison to the System, wage Love not war!

Kelso has the answers in a sweet tribute in the Austin American Statesman.

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