Something About Thanksgiving

By Fred Pettit

There were two turkeys named Tom. They were flipping a coin to see who was going to be a guest of honor at the third Thursday of the month club. “Heads or tails” said the first. “You call it” said the second one. “Ok heads up”, said the first one.

As this was going on, the old farmer [whose name was also Tom] was busy sharpening his favorite ax.

In the den Mrs. Farmer [whose name wasn’t even close to Tom] was thinking about the work and feast that lay a-head.

It boiled down to how many kin folks & friends that might show up for the feast. Should we need one Tom or Two”, she thought and how many sides do I need, “Ya know they always bring their best too.”

It was as if she’d been tickled by a bird feather when the solution flew to her. She loved both Tom’s. Maybe the other one also.

Back in the yard both our sometimes flying friends were trying to beak the situation out.

Old Farmer Tom was now splitting one of his last remaining hairs on the razor sharp edge of you know what.

“We’ll keep them in a pen ” she declared as she ran out of that old farm house. “I think we only need one, Let’s make it the one without too much tail weight, that will service us the best.”

Old Tom Farmer didn’t understand. “Not both?,” he retorts. “No” she replies, “only the one. Are ya deaf?” Ok – he thinks “maybe I will put them in a pen, or maybe I should put her in a separate house, Women!”

He walks over to talk to the very nervous Tom’s and says, “y’all can quit tossing that dang ol coin now! The cut and dried of it is who ever is the healthiest of you two Turks will prevail, and we’ll be glad to have you for Thanksgiving dinner. So now I’m going to get ya out of the sun before ya prematurely bake, ok guys?”

piggly wigglysJust then Mrs. Farmer yelled from the porch “Never mind Tom, three folks are already bringing turkey, my menu directions call for swine anyway!”

Two pigs both named Porky were flipping a coin to………

Happy Trails & Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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