September 2013 Edition

The September 2013 edition of the Challenger Newspaper is now online and available for download!  In this month’s issue, read the fascinating and awe-inspiring story of Marc Alan Lee, Drinking To Forget: Second Chance.  Be sure to read the rest of this months Challenger which is available below for a modest donation that keeps our mission going.  Thank you for your support!

Protestors at Austin Polic Department

Protestors in front of Austin Police Department (see Protest At A.P.D., page 1)


Print On Demand ….. 1
By Val Romness

Protest at A.P.D. ….. 1
By Cante Tinza

10 Thangs ….. 1
By Fred Pettit

Editorial ….. 2
By Stephen {Otis} Knight

Announcements ….. 3

Legislature Passes New Laws
By Cante Tinza

What is Homelessness?
From E.C.H.O.

Save the Dates -Front Steps

Drinking To Forget ….. 4
By Marc Alan Lee

Gone Home Good Samaritan (reprint from June 2011) ….. 5
By Fred Pettit

Big ,Bulbous ….. 6
By John Curran

We Love You, Big Brother ….. 6
By Darel Smith

Safe Sleep Women’s Shelter ….. 7
By Brenda S. & Val Romness

Art ….. 7
By Zebra

Holocost In My Head & Shark Bait! ….. 7
By Snap

Top 10 ….. 8
By James Callahan

Campaign Running ….. 9
By Mercedes Benz

Volunteers Needed FNB ….. 9

Am I Invisible ….. 10
By Timothy Warfield

Sin ….. 11
By Jennifer Gesche

Distributor Locations ….. 12

Justice For Meals ….. 12
By Preston’s Mom

Sunshine RV Park ….. 12
From KVUE News

Fallout With Occupy Austin ….. 13
By T.L. Rice

Hello There Stranger ….. 14
By Fred Pettit

Joke ….. 14
By Fred Pettit

Prevent Homelessness…At It’s Core ….. 14
By Richard R. Troxell

Resources and Services ….. 15

Art By Myla ….. 16

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