Leslie Cochran: Queen of Austin by Val Romness

This year for Leslie Fest, some of Leslie’s weird friends who dress like him, met to celebrate his birthday, They joined the former Keep Austin Weird Fest, now called Fun Stop Fest! They met Saturday June 23rd on West Cesar Chavez, and paraded with a new mobile “cut out” of his magnet pose. The runners enjoyed taking photos with Leslie like they did when he was on 6th St. Leslie would have been 68.

Happy birthday Leslie! I’m glad you were there to remind police of your fight to protect homeless people from police harassment and about select enforcement!

Echo’s of Leslie , a story of Leslie’s spirit. As a friend to him I let him “trade” lighters with me. He liked the sticker I had on mine: This lighter stolen from Val.

Although he “stole” it from me, he always left me with a replacement. But it was usually near empty. One time a friend called and said she got my lighter from Leslie! Watch for his doc soon!

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