Community Performance Event Brings Homelessness To the Surface

by  John Thompkins & Roni Chleben

Working on a theatrical scene at the ARCH in a Sunday rehearsal

Working on a scene at the ARCH in a Sunday rehearsal

A group of Austin’s homeless are preparing for a performance event titled Am I Invisible that will take place on April 12th at the Saint David’s Edens Youth Center (Trinity’s center Gym) at 3 pm.

The performance is the expression of problems and alienation that the homeless community in the Austin area experience in relation to the larger community of the city. The performance, directed by Roni Chelben, will feature video works of members of the homeless community and live performance and will bring together homeless and non-homeless audience members. The event will include an interactive element that will encourage the audience to actively contribute to the community dialogue around homelessness. Rehearsals are taking place at the Austin Resources Center for the Homeless, also known as the ARCH.

John Tompkins, an Austin blogger and one of the principle participants in the project describes his participation as an expression of hope that the serious divisions between the homeless and the rest of the Austin community will be reduced through this project and other projects.

The group is still open for new voices to share their homeless experience with the larger public and to perform.

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