Monthly Editions

October 2013 Edition

Hot off the press! October 2013 (Volume 3, Issue 6) is now available for download. Read this month’s feature article by Peter Cooper on Taking Homes and Defending Neighborhoods in Houston, TX, linked below. Remember you can download and enjoy the entire monthly issue below for just $2.00. Thank you for supporting our work!

September 2013 Edition

The September 2013 edition of the Challenger Newspaper is now online and available for download. In this month’s issue, read the fascinating and awe-inspiring story of Marc Alan Lee, Drinking To Forget. Be sure to read the rest of this months Challenger which is available here for a modest donation that keeps our mission going. Thank you for your support!

August 2013 Edition

Here is the August 2013 edition of the Challenger Newspaper, for your reading pleasure.  You can download the full contents below (PDF format) for a very modest donation of $2.00. […]

June/July 2013 Edition

The latest issue of the Challenger Newspaper (Volume 3, Issue 3) covers two months, and still delivers you the same indispensable news and views you’ve come to expect each and […]

May 2013 Edition

The May 2013 Edition is out. Extra! Extra!!  This month, Austin Welcomes New Homeless Arrival by Jeff Tydeman. As always the contributors at Challenger Newspaper have been busy writing and […]

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