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Tired of getting left out in the cold? Homeless people are not immune to freezing weather. This includes the elderly, disabled, veterans, and children.

After nearly 2 months, Glen’s alleged murderer goes to jail. No one will win in court, we only pray that justice will prevail. Glen will be missed deeply by friends…

6 Year Anniversary; Earth Day; Homer the Homeless Goose’s Birthday Day Potluck & Road Show Fundraiser; RIP Glen B. 6-5-1965 to 3-10-2017

Happy national pie day. Everybody wants a piece of the pie! Ma didn’t eat all the pie, there’s still some left.

Love is in bloom again as February 14th brings its festive array of heart-shaped décor and candy aimed at showing your loved one how much you really care. Stories of…

Over 70 years ago, a remarkable generation of Americans joined forces to protect civilization in the largest war in human history. Most were just boys when they enlisted.

Peace on earth and good will to all! May this time of year give you hope and courage that the light will come back!

Happy Thanksgiving! Homer is now educating at the Manchaca Branch Library. Then he’ll fly to Pleasant Hill. Read Homer’s demands on page 12.

Aside from being judged by the shallow, ignorant and blind, think about this a bit: who would be scared to hire anyone who puts homeless on a job application as…

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