Community First! Village is Open


I visited my friends there at Mobile Loaves and Fishes model community. They had recently moved into new canvas tents. Rent is $220/mo all bills paid. There’s Wi-Fi too. The air about the place was still 102’, but so cool at how new people were moving in next to each other and all feeling the warm welcoming air of this tiny home village. I helped get the DVD player plugged in and we watched a few small shows. We ate some BBQ from a local spot nearby that had Elgin sausage. The fridge keeps food cold and the crock pot and microwave heats it up. They were able to, after a short 2 month wait, move right in. The bed, the chair, the table and rug were all in place. So I just gotta say thanks to everyone who donated to Mobile Loaves and Fishes’ project here. I see the proof that, although not for all, Community First! Village, has struck the bell, on housing homeless people. My friends seem to be proud living here. Recently the group purchased an adjacent track and will have room to expand. Now for copycats, a second location? More cities?

One thought on “Community First! Village is Open

  1. Angelique
    March 2, 2018 at 10:42 am

    This place is not what it says it is one of the staff have experience in residents with disabled… And all staff and missionals have done is help themselves and not the homeless .many people have gotten felony’s and so menu are isolated they are actively making that community an very large arch I was getting stolen from and my total last monthly rent 677.00$ that’s not accords to me… On top of that I made less 100.00$ a month at art. They are not doing what that say its not safe supportive or sustain able. Its not loving and its not anything but legal plundering and completed hypocrisy

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